New trends in adult toys

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The adult toy market is sometimes seen as a sort of default extension of the porn market, quite incorrectly. It’s a personal market, and third parties aren’t usually involved at the consumer end. If anything, the adult toys market is now going high-tech, in a quite literal sense. The old traditional things are all still there, but there’s a new generation of toys which wasn’t on the radar even just a few years ago.

Doll Mania

The old “love dolls” have been replaced by some quite highly advanced new models which are definitely a major change in both quality and technology. The new dolls are several leagues above the early “rubber” versions.

That’s partly a result of Japanese technology, which has for once in the last 30 years got itself out of “anime mode” and gone to work on producing better products. The dolls are basically modular, adaptable, and designed to do the job they’re supposed to do.

Doll fans have been deliriously happy. The most noticeable thing about the dolls is that even people that aren’t really into dolls can appreciate them. That’s definitely new. The new dolls are designer dolls, and if they’re not cheap, they’re definitely well beyond previous generations. These dolls include a range of adaptable models, and they don’t have that “primitive” look which made old dolls look like clowns. Many of these dolls are designed using good laser moulding technology which is millimeter accurate and better in terms of quality production.

(Note: Standards do vary a lot by brands, but take a look at the top of the range, and you can see where this technology is likely to go, taking the market with it.)

They even come with their own wardrobes, and if they’re not quite yet up to Barbie fashion sense, you’d have to say they’re functional. The doll species, in effect, has grown up, and this is the first of the new generation dolls.

Vibrators, the next generation

The vibrator is a standard in the adult toy market. The new remote control vibrators are the major new feature, and they’ve “come a long way”, if you’ll excuse the expression. To be exact about how far, they’ve got wireless ranges, and if you feel like helping your partner stay alert, they can do the job, at multiple speeds.

The original vibrators were iconic, in more ways than one. They became part of the furniture in the 1960s, and they’ve been evolving ever since. This is perhaps the fussiest market on Earth, and to even get attention takes some doing.

The range of products is gigantic. Everything, from “pocket pussies” to traditional vibrators and variations thereof, is on the market.  The top of the market products aren’t cheap, but there’s no disputing the fact that they’re also truly well designed, classy products. The old “plumbing fittings” are right out of the stock lists these days, and need it be mentioned that there’s no lack of accessories, either.

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