How to Use the Mooncup

I’m in the middle of my first period using the Mooncup.  I too felt nausea and dizziness on my heaviest day. So much so that I felt a bit panicky and took it out. I tried to put it in again, but it hurt, as I couldn’t fully insert it. I think because I was feeling panicky. So I used tampons that day as it hurt so much. When I tried it the next day, I somehow managed to insert it correctly, and much deeper, and I couldn’t feel it at all. I kept it in for 12 hours, emptied and rinsed it and put it back in. It really helped to watch a video on YouTube and see that the vaginal canal goes horizontally. I also did a different fold, which makes the top of it really small. This helped a lot.

I also realize that at the beginning of my period I hadn’t inserted it correctly, and so I could feel it and it leaked a bit. So, I’m feeling much better and have one more day of my period left. I’m almost looking forward to next month to see if I can do the heaviest day all right!!

How are you getting on? I don’t know when your post was, you’re probably either an expert now, or have given up!

Thanks for your email. Good to hear your views on the Mooncup. I’ve given up for now as I had sexual health check recently and the internal examination caused my body to react in the same way. I felt nauseous and faint so the nurse said that I have a sensitive cervix so would be better off not using an internal contraceptive device such as the coil. I’ve tried the Mooncup twice and managed to get it higher up the second time – after much sweating – and using different folds to make it as tiny as possible. I cut the stem too short though so had a panic trying to get it out. I’ve had a baby but the largest (post-baby) size still felt pretty big to insert.

I will give it another go but I felt so traumatized I thought best to leave it for now. I’ve had problems with vaginismus so am not used to using tampons, which might help the transition. Maybe I should ease myself in gently with those.

Thanks for the video tips. I will check it out and do a post update. Mooncup has been very helpful. I spoke to Kate Linnott, the nurse advisor and she sent me several tips for easier insertion so the customer service is second to none!

I know what you mean about cutting the stem a bit short. I’ve done the same and have had to do some pretty amazing muscle pushing stunts to get it out!

I know what you mean about the sweating…I felt shaky too…as if I was having a sugar low, which I do on my heaviest days as well. I don’t know if using tampons first will help, as it’s quite different. I think having a good old feel around inside might help so I’m going to try that when I’ve finished my period just to make sure I’m familiar with the last down there!

Can’t believe I’m writing all this to a total stranger although it’s probably not the sort of thing I’d talk to my friends about!

I’ll give the Mooncup another go at some point when I’m alone and not rushing off at 2.15pm to do the school run. I think it’s the type of thing you need to try several times to see if you like it – much like sexual positions 😉 – before you dismiss it so you feel completely relaxed with it. I need to buy another one and won’t cut the stem off so much this time round. I’ll also keep doing my love egg exercises as having strong pelvic muscles means it will be easier to move the Mooncup around once it’s inside and I’ll be able to push down with my muscles to get it out.

If you’re having troubles have a feel around inside your vagina so you can get used to how it’s angled. Here’s a video demo and some insertion and removal tips. Kate also suggested practicing with it when not on your period so you get used to the insertion and removal process without worrying about spillage. Email me if  you want further insertion and removal tips.

Let me know how you get on!





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