Love eggs and sacred kink

Words: Nicci Talbot

I went to a Coco de Mer Salon on love eggs this week with Uta Demontis. We met up for a drink beforehand to talk about her work as a sex/relationship coach and Taoist practitioner. I’m about to start sex coach training via SCU so wanted to pick her brains as she’s on her second track of the course towards Master level certification. I’m really excited about it as it feels like a natural progression and the next step to help me deepen my practice. We’ve had several email chats since the workshop and I find her inspiring, warm and open. She’s put me on to Sacred Pleasures at The Pot, a sex positive space for workshops in Tantric bdsm, kinky coaching, sexual healing and more. There are some fantastic workshops coming up in November which I plan to check out so more on that later..

Here’s the article via Suite101: Jade love egg salon

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