How to experience vaginal orgasms

Guest post: Love Myself

You’ve heard about it. You want to believe it’s true. You’ve tried to find it–but to no avail. No, I’m not talking about this season’s newest Christian Louboutin pumps (but if you do find them, let me know) or even Santa (although when you find it, I’m hoping it’ll come more than once a year!) Nope, I’m talking about the elusive vaginal orgasm, that wonderful and rare creature that many believe is a myth. It isn’t. The vaginal orgasm is real, it’s wonderful and I’m here to tell you that you can find (and keep) it for yourself with a bit of self-exploration and practice. Grab your vibrator, take to the bedroom and lock yourself in until that orgasm reveals yourself. And while you’re in there, here are some tips to help you.

What is a Vaginal Orgasm?

While most women come more easily through clitoral stimulation, the vaginal orgasm occurs when the g-spot, located on the inner wall of a woman’s vagina is stimulated. A lot of women find it more difficult to achieve this type of orgasm and many never experience it because they give up on trying. It is often a far more explosive and intense orgasm than one achieved through clitoral stimulation, which is why we haven’t given up the hunt!


The angle of a penis of vibrator has a big impact on whether or not the g-spot is being stimulated. It is best to try this by yourself first so that you can find the exact spot and then guide your partner back there at a later date! Angle the vibrator towards the back wall of your vagina and try different angles and depth of penetration until you find something special. Remembering that all women are different, there are many variations on what will feel best, so explore what you like and think outside the box (har, har)

Double Stimulation

Now this just makes plain mathematical sense. Of COURSE you’re more likely to achieve an intense orgasm while stimulating both the clitoris and the g-spot, but even more exciting than that is that clitoral stimulation while being penetrated by a dildo or a man can awaken the g-spot, and you will come more explosively and intensely than ever before.

Different Positions

Most of us can be pretty adventurous when we’re having sex with our partners, but as soon as we pick up the adult toys it’s flat on our back for the duration. Change up positions with your vibrator just like you would with a man–you may find you like it better kneeling over the vibrator or lying on your stomach. Your partner can even help you out by simulating doggie-style sex with your vibrator.

Life is about learning through experience, and if you experiment enough and are committed to exploring this aspect of your body, the vaginal orgasm will show itself, like a rare bird that finally emerges for the wildlife photographer. Patience and practice is the key!

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