Natural treatments for vaginal thrush

Words: Nicci Talbot

Thrush. Lovely. I had a mild outbreak last week after overdoing it with the bath products. My vagina is a sensitive little lady and she doesn’t take kindly to scented shower gels and perfumed bubbles. I had an uncomfortable couple of days (and nights). For some reason thrush tends to flare up during the night so I couldn’t sleep.

I treated it with some live natural yoghurt (good old Rachel’s Organic) and ate a big pot of it the following day. I wore a maxi dress and cotton knickers (no skinny jeans!) and bathed twice a day in warm water. It cleared up shortly afterwards. Luckily, I’d booked a few days off work to go away, which I think helped my body recover. Rest is vital and stress only exacerbates it so take some time out if you can.

Thrush is a common problem and many women have recurrent outbreaks. So, what triggers it? I think it’s probably a combination of things – scented bath products, tight jeans, synthetic clothing, douching, jelly rubber sex toys, sanitary towels/tampons, and personal lubricants that contain various chemicals.

Keep it simple and treat your little lady with a bit of respect. Use natural sanitary products or the Mooncup reusable menstrual cup – an ingenious device made of silicone. Avoid hot baths and use natural body care products. The vagina cleans itself so less is more when it comes to bathing.

How do you treat thrush?  Any other natural remedies that work a treat?

Vaginal Thrush: Symptoms and Treatment

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