Health Mango – Trichomoniasis

I’ve recently started writing for a website called It’s run by Mukundan Srinivasan, a professional blogger in Chennai, India who says he wants it to become the ultimate destination for health information. It has articles on health and fitness, nutrition, sex, conditions and diseases, and beauty. Here’s a link to my article on Trichomoniasis, and another on why sex is good for your health. If you’re interested in writing an article for the site or would like Mukundan to write a guest post for your site contact him.

I love the name of the site. The tropical mango is India’s national fruit, considered to be a symbol of life, and its leaves are used as confetti at weddings and festivals. I was walking around Soho yesterday and found myself outside a tiny orange juice shop off Broadwick Street. It had mangoes in the window and posters up raving about its health benefits. Even the staff were dressed as mangoes – well, in acid brights. Love it.

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