Living Your Passion by Edel O’Mahoney


This month’s guest post is from Edel O’Mahoney, author, transformational coach and founder of Path of the Peaceful Warrior. Edel is an expert in energetic communications and how to use the law of attraction to create the life you want. I’m meeting up with her this month to talk about transmutation and how you can use sexual energy to manifest an outcome professionally and personally. It’s the basis of Napoleon Hill’s bestselling book Think and Grow Rich and an area I’ve been interested in exploring since interviewing two sex coaches about it – Vena Ramphal and Lisa Turner. I find it an exciting and empowering area of coaching and would like to learn how to apply it properly.

Here’s what Edel has to say on living your passion:

“I speak to many clients about living their passion to be resonating the correct frequencies to attract wealth, success and happiness into their lives.

Love is the greatest frequency of all, it is where true abundance lies and this also applies to your sexual passion. In fact your sexual passion is the key!

So many people when they become immersed in their day-to-day existence, with running their business or raising children, and transmuting their sexual energy. Sex transmutation is channelling the high intense sexual energy into other areas of your life, in order to accelerate success in these areas.

So many people do this unconsciously and find in time that their intimate relationship begins to suffer without realising why.

When you begin to understand how energy works it is possible to allow the movement of energy into all areas of your life. Maintaining your sexual energy is one way of making that communication.

When you experience deep sexual pleasure, where you give yourself over to your feelings, you are in fact connecting to your energy essence. In sensual pleasure you let go and let your body use its natural instincts, which is letting energy take control.

In the act of making love, giving yourself unhurried time to really explore each other and being completely ‘in the moment’ using all your senses, you are naturally moving into high vibrational frequencies. Making love is the highest form of energy you can attain and it is bringing back that feeling, in times when you feel yourselves not in control or stressed that will automatically help to raise your frequency again.

As energy beings having experiences through our physical bodies it is all about living your passion in every area of your life. ‘Sexual Passion’ is no exception, it is an essential part of your experience as it shows you how to let go and live in the moment. It makes you aware of what unconditional love feels like and how you feel when allowing passion to guide you”.

Want to find out more? Contact Edel O’Mahony via her website Path of the Peaceful Warrior.

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