Five gifts for the woman with everything

Words: Risque Boutique

Five gift ideas for the woman with everything. I love this: ‘Treat her to a year of cleaning services’. Now that would make me very happy. How to create an extra hour in a day – done!

Great gift ideas for the woman with everything include sex toys or raunchy lingerie, a thrill seeking adventure, smart technology and even hiring a cleaner for a year.

Christmases and birthdays can be a struggle when you have a partner who has everything she needs, especially when she is the type to go out and buy everything she wants whenever she wants it.  When it comes to buying her a gift think outside the square a little and get her something she has been missing out on.  Stretch your imagination and surprise her with some sex toys or fancy lingerie, or even buy her some adult DVDs.  For the inner thrill seeker you could even take her bungee jumping or book her in for a skydive.  Take her out of her comfort zone, you could be surprised at the results.

Sex toys

Many women today own vibrators, and you might find that if you present her with one that she has had a secret hankering for one without you knowing.  Vibrators and other sex toys are easily purchased nowadays, with hundreds of websites available where you can buy a huge array of adult products.  Buying is easy, delivery is prompt and most companies send out their parcels in discreet packaging.  Get her hooked and you might even find she does a bit of online shopping on her own.


You never know until you’ve tried it, and perhaps your woman with everything has inner thrill seeking qualities.  Buy her an experience of a lifetime by sending her tandem skydiving, rock climbing, abseiling or caving.  Even take her out camping if she is a strictly kitten heeled city girl.  Show her how the other half live and give her a wild ride that she will most certainly remember.  There are plenty of thrill seeking adventures available, on land, sea and in the air.

Update her technology

If your partner hasn’t got herself a smart phone or an iPad then perhaps now is the time to introduce her to these amazing advancements in technology.  These make particularly good presents if she’s the type of woman who is either always late or always forgetting something.  With an iPhone she will have all the information she needs in the palm of her hand and she need never been late again.  Hijack her phone and set her alarm so she knows exactly when to come and meet you.


Most women own a lot of lingerie already, but try something a little different.  Steer away from the usual lingerie shops where you buy your usual present of a flimsy nightie and have a look at what is available online.  Be a little more daring and order her something from an adult website.  With a wide array of lacy camisoles, bras and knickers, corsets and even costumes, you are sure to find something that she will look great in and you will get a lot of pleasure from.

Hired help

It might sound a little boring but trust me, she’ll love it.  Hire a cleaner to come in and give the house a good once over.  Even treat her to a year of cleaning services.  Have the cleaner come in every second week.  They usually only charge around $25 an hour and for that you can have anything from your vacuuming done, your floors washed, windows cleaned, bathrooms done and house tidied.  Without the cleaning to do she just might have more time for other more pleasurable activities.  This way you both win!


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