Daily pleasures – The Kneader

Words: Nicci Talbot

I’ve just bought The Kneader, a couples’ massage tool created by therapist Una Tucker. She gave me a demo a few weeks ago and I thought oooh, how fabulous. It’s a curved hand-held tool that mimics the key movements of professional massage, so you can use it at work or home between sessions. I’m going to keep it on my desk while working and also try it with baby oil in the shower. It’s also a lovely gift idea for a partner as it’s something you can use together to relax at home.

Una came up with the idea after failing to find a simple, affordable hand-held massage tool that would enable her clients to massage regularly and effectively between sessions. ‘Most ‘massage’ products in erotic boutiques are pretty much vibrators and are just sex/climax toys which, although fabulous, have little to do with actual massage. More’s the pity, because massage is a fabulous and healthy way of keeping close and happy together. Couples can use The Kneader for pre and post-sex intimacy or just as a way to massage away daily stress in bed, in front of the telly or on holiday because it’s an innovative product that allows users to carry out a variety of massage moves on themselves or another, anytime and anywhere that is appropriate – over clothes, directly onto skin with oil or even in the shower with soap and water. There are no moving parts or batteries required,’ she says.

It’s a stylish, tactile product made from clear acrylic and designed for use on the torso, arms and legs. Una is developing additional Kneaders for the head, hands, feet and face so eventually you’ll be able to buy a full set. I’m hoping to make a couples’ demo for them on YouTube.

The Kneader costs £25 and is available from Amazon, IWoot, Firebox and Kneads Must. It comes with an instruction manual, DVD and web support. Contact Una if you’d like a free demo in and around the London area.



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