Cleansing the body – how to detoxify and increase energy levels

Looking for a brand new body after all that Christmas excess? Then ditch the diet. Here are my top 5 alternative health tips to help you detoxify naturally.

I love Christmas but the combination of alcohol and rich food makes me feel tired and sluggish come January. Gym memberships soar at this time of year, as we’re desperate to shed those extra pounds. I find the gym boring and expensive though and after an initial burst of enthusiasm, it becomes a chore to drag myself there regularly.

So, here are my top five alternative health tips to help you shape up in 2011.

Annual Checkup

Vital Signs offers an annual health check, consisting of 12 tests, which include blood pressure, cholesterol level, lung function, glucose level and ECG. Registered General Nurse Shirley Learthart explains how you can optimise long-term health and minimise your chances of requiring medication. “Most conditions can be prevented by recognising early changes and correcting them before permanent damage occurs,” she says. Book in for a free taster at The Wellington Centre, Hastings, East Sussex on 20th January.

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BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour: The history and business of dieting

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