Words: Nicci Talbot

New research published this week (The Telegraph 25/07/11) highlights the benefits of wearing silk knickers for sufferers of recurrent thrush or lichen sclerosus. Thrush is a common problem for many women with 1/20 women having an outbreak up to four times a year. Lichen sclerosus is a less well-known skin condition that causes itchiness and inflammation in the genital area. It’s extremely uncomfortable and causes tightness and scarring, which makes sex impossible.

DermaSilk knickers are made from a special type of Italian silk that contains fibroin, silk protein which is hypoallergenic and designed to eradicate excess moisture and sweat. They also contain an antimicrobial agent, which kills off the bacteria and fungi that cause Candida and other vaginal infections. So far, double blind clinical trials have shown wearing them eases symptoms of itching, soreness and discomfort.

The only drawback is the cost – from £34.95 per pair so much more expensive than cotton briefs but worth a try if you are suffering with Candida or a skin condition. The good news is that a basic style of DermaSilk briefs is available on prescription on the NHS.

I spoke to Chris Steeples from Espère Healthcare (who make the briefs). He says they will only endorse products that have been backed up by scientific research so can’t vouch for the other comments in the article about silkworms, antioxidants and wrinkle prevention. I caused much hilarity with my email sign off ‘with spanks’ and they’ve sent me a pair to try. They are soft and comfortable but I can’t vouch for the therapeutic benefits, as I don’t have thrush. So if you’ve tried a pair to help ease thrush or a skin condition let me know how you got on.

Silk pillows are a favourite with beauty editors and celeb hairdressers. Apparently silk stops hair snagging and breaking and rehydrates your skin while you sleep. Maybe it can help tame my frizzed locks. If I like the feel of it I’ll invest in a silk duvet and bedding from Silkskin. I may well never get out of bed again.

Suite101 article: ‘Can Wearing Silk Lingerie Help Prevent Vaginal Thrush?’ 

The Telegraph: ‘Wearing Silk Helps Ease an Age-old Problem.’ 

DermaSilkIntimo Lingerie

Silkskin hypoallergenic bedding



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