What is a Womb Blessing?

Words: Nicci Talbot

I received an email from a writer friend this week about Miranda Gray’s womb blessing on February 7th, which is the next full moon. I’m a Cancerian so pretty tuned into the moon and my menstrual cycle. I live by the sea and love watching the waves crest and trough when it’s full beam. I’m also aware of the ebb and flow of my creative energy throughout the month, which is something Miranda’s books have helped me to explore. You can work with your menstrual cycle on many levels – to avoid or plan pregnancy, and to harness creative and sexual energy for work and relationships.

Miranda says the response to the blessing has been overwhelming and she’s had over 400 women contact her, which is fantastic news :0). I’ve signed up to do it at midnight, which is the only time from the available slots that I’ll be alone (Julieta will be asleep, hopefully). ‘I’ll book you in for the 24.00 but if you can’t meditate at the time, do it later as the energy will be ‘stacked’ until you have time to ‘download’ it!!. Don’t you just love technology?’ she says.

January is a difficult month financially and physically for most of us. I’m craving sunlight and warmth and have too many aches and pains to mention. It’s been a cycle of work, stress and colds since December so I hope this will boost my energy levels, lift my spirits and help me to focus on my goals for the year. It will also be a lovely exercise to do with a group of friends.

Here’s the email:

Hey, international ladies of loveliness – my dear friend is doing a womb blessing (for free) and the Goddess energies wish to be grounded in as many countries as possible. Please email her and get involved!

To all wonderful women everywhere. I would like invite you to a free distant Womb Blessing Attunement on the next Full Moon on 7th February 2012.

Taking place at four different times to suit world time zones.

  • 06.00 GMT
  • 12.00 GMT
  • 18.00 GMT
  • 24.00 GMT

2012 is a year where the divine feminine energies are starting to ground deeply within Mother Earth and in our energies and minds. As someone with 15 years experience in energy work, writing women’s books and facilitating workshops, it has come as no surprise to me to be drawn towards combining my energy work with my women’s work.

This Womb Blessing attunement is a simple gift – a gift to every woman of any age and experience who would like to receive it – of energy to bring healing to our femininity, to our womb and its cycle, to our creativity and fertility, to our sexuality and spirituality.

The attunement restores our natural purity and beauty, abundance and love, creativity and magic, and our wisdom and strength. It frees us from the past, from limiting expectations, and guilt and hurt, and releases the soul-felt joy and expression of women’s power and beauty. It is a beautiful blessing and restoration of light for women’s souls in a harsh and masculine world.

To book the attunement and receive pre and post attunement exercises please email miranda.gray@optimizedwoman.com:

  • Your full name
  • Email
  • Country
  • Requested attunement time (GMT)

Please share this email with as many female friends and colleagues as you wish. It is my heartfelt hope that this energy goes out into the world to help support as many women as possible in the challenging times of 2012.

Love and light


Miranda Gray is an author, artist, healer, teacher and workshop facilitator. Her work explores women’s creativity, spirituality, healing and self-development, life coaching and the menstrual cycle.




Photo credit: gud @ Veer.com

Update: Monday 6th February. Miranda says she now has over 1800 women worldwide, and growing every day, from 50 countries. She’s uploaded a registration form to help with admin so interested ladies should click here to sign up. Registration will be closing at 24.00 GMT on Saturday 4th February, to give her time to catch up on responses.

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