Birth control methods

I’ve stopped taking the contraceptive pill recently, as 1. It’s killing my libido, and 2. I’m having mood swings and feeling very emotional and low. The pill is convenient and great for spontaneous sex but the idea of pumping my body full of hormones makes me feel very uncomfortable.

So, we tried French Letter Fairtrade condoms this morning. I love the idea. Eco-friendly condoms. They source latex through FairDeal Trading, a company that pays a premium price for latex rubber. There are four types and they come in a stylish box and look fabulous on the dresser. The only problem is that Matt hates using condoms and says he can’t feel a thing when he’s wearing one. So, unless I can find a thin, ultra sensitive condom (suggestions welcome) we won’t be using them. Which means no nookie for now. I am looking into non-hormonal methods of contraception and will give Persona a go, when I’ve got some spare cash to invest in the kit. I’ve also received some info about Cyclebeads, which I presume work in a similar way.

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