Are Vibrators Replacing the Need For Sex?

There’s a new sex trend on the block, according to a woman I met at a sex & hypnosis workshop last week.

She said her friends have commented that they’ve been using vibrators so much they can’t be bothered to have sex with their partners. Their sex toys are so effective, satisfying and quick to do the job that full sex seems like a bit of a faff in comparison.

We know that using a vibrator on the clitoris is the quickest – and only – way for some women to orgasm. Figures vary but it’s thought only around 30% of women orgasm during penetrative sex.

It’s true that you can always pull your Rabbit out of the hat and he won’t ever get tired, drunk or fall asleep but surely one shouldn’t replace the other?

Is it a sign of the times? Are we too busy to be bothered with sex? Are vibrators better than the real thing?

Just curious to know what other people think.

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