Aftershave vs perfume

Two for one entry at Battle Abbey today so we might wander over and have a walk around, if the sun decides to come out. Up at a ridiculous hour, thanks to Julieta who was sitting on the stairs. “I don’t want to give daddy his present.” I bought him some Liz Earle goodies for men and they smell divine.

I prefer aftershave to women’s perfume. Men’s products smell subtle, earthy, and sexy. Give me a little vetiver, patchouli and bergamot any day. Old Spice deodorant instead of Dove. What is it with women’s products? Why are they always floral-based, sweet and overpowering? Since when did women want to smell like flowers? I’d rather have the musk, tree and oak moss. If you’re looking for a decent aftershave, I highly recommend Terre D’Hermès. It’s woody, sensual and gets better as the day unfolds.

What’s your take on perfume vs aftershave? Does your man get fed up with you using his products?

Happy father’s day.

Daily Mail Femail – Is Aftershave the New Perfume?

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