7 prosexual herbs

Got chatted up in the supermarket last night. His line was ‘Are you a ballerina?’ which made me laugh. Hardly. I’d just been running so was wearing a headscarf, holey jumper, and battered trainers. I felt him check me out then my shopping. He had fresh figs, scrumpy cider, and a pie. He said that fresh figs contain the same active ingredient as LSD so can give you a natural high. Well, I know they’re good for you and look like lady bits but I can’t vouch for the buzz. So the conversation moved on to aphrodisiacs much to the checkout boy’s amusement.

He suggested I try Damiana and I told him I’d been taking it for a while. His eyes lit up so I wasn’t about to divulge that my nips are very sensitive as a result. He said I’m the only woman he’s met who has tried it and I should make sure it doesn’t contain sulfur dioxide, a common preservative that irritates the skin and respiratory tract. I checked when I got home and no it doesn’t. I got it from Victoria Health and it seems to be pukka quality.

He was 52 and looked ten years younger so the diet and exercise are serving him well. Nice to see a man taking care of himself. 

So, back to the sex herbs. I’m taking Maca and Damiana. Maca in capsule form, as I hate the taste of the raw powder. I saw Fiona Waller, a fantastic herbalist in London for help with my absent periods and lack of libido and the Chinese herbs she gave me worked a treat. I’ve every faith in the power of plants. It’s also something fun for a couple to do together. Give it a go and I guarantee you’ll both be thinking about sex more often :)

Here are 7 prosexual herbs to boost your libido – let me know what works for you.







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