5 bedroom bits for setting the mood

Words: Risque Boutique

Getting it on means getting in the mood – and this article tells you just how to do it.

Got a big night coming up? Anniversary? Wedding night? Celebration? And you want it to end sensually, sexually and with explosions of pleasure? You need to get your mind out of the details of the sex and back to the details of the set up.

Have you ever been in the throes of wild sexual exploration, only to be interrupted by the phone, the cries of a baby, or bumping your head on a piece of furniture that is placed ridiculously close to where you want to get it on? Set up for a big night of pleasure is vital. It can mean the difference between getting it right and getting it on, or spending the entire time fixing things, trying to stay focused and working hard to keep you and your partner in the mood. So if the wife is coming back from a long business trip, you have a special occasion coming up or you just want to channel some of that old hot and heavy action, think about where you’ll be entertaining your partner and how.

  1. The basic set up

If you really want to have a night to remember, first focus on the environment where the night will take place. Make sure the room is tidy and not cluttered and there aren’t bits and pieces everywhere that will get in the way and distract you. Make the space comfortable, think cushions, silky sheets, petals from – why not create your own little version of a harem, with hanging sheer curtains, dim lights, lots of great fabrics petals of roses everywhere!

  1. The sounds

Strangely, sounds will make a lot of impact – either negatively or positively. If you have sounds in the background that require action, like your phone ringing, you will both become distracted and it can be hard to come back from there. Remove all distracting sounds from the room, and cover anything that may come up with some great music that gets you in the mood.

  1. The smells

Something else that can really change an environment is the smells involved and what they relate to, for example, the smell of holidays, relaxation or romance. If it’s romance you’re going for think soft, sensual scents like aromatherapy or scented candles. Alternatively, if you want to create a bit more of a fun environment, why not channel the beach holidays. Think pinacoladas as a refresher, the scent of the ocean or coconut cream, or even a coconut scented fabric softener so the sheets smell of a long break in a summer, sweet location.

  1. The stimulants

To get the right mood, you need the right stimulating factors. This doesn’t only mean setting the scene with the room, the scents and the sounds, it also means creating a comfortable and sensual atmosphere. Think drinks, a view, strawberries, good conversation and all things that lead to the bedroom! Once in the bedroom, mix things up with some sex toys that will leave her begging for more.

  1. The distractions

Finally, make sure you have no distractions – at all. If you need to, leave the kids with a friend for the night, turn off the phones, lock the doors and make your home your sanctuary for the evening. Make the most of your time off and get busy!


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