10 erotic gifts for Valentine’s Day

1. Coupleconnect Cards
A pack contains 55 cards with thought-provoking questions to help you and your partner communicate on a deeper level. Think you know everything there is to know about each other? The questions will surprise and amuse you. It’s fun and unconventional and will keep you up all night. Coupleconnect cards; In Rude Health Shop, £11.99 (incl P&P).

2. Secret Ceres
Secret Ceres is a herbal stick that cleanses and tightens the vagina naturally. Made from pomegranate, dripstones (crystals), and kaolin, it’s also an aphrodisiac so will boost your libido and make sex feel more sensational. I’m a convert and I think every woman should own one. Secret Ceres, £75.00.

3. Love Letter Solid Perfume
Proper old-fashioned solid perfume packaged in a little black box. Love Letter is a romantic scent with rose and jasmine and sandalwood base note. 100% organic with no chemicals or additives; handmade by Skye Connolly @ The Green Grocery organic pharmacy, £9.99 (15ml)

4. A Bespoke Lingerie Fitting With a Braologist
Braology is the science of bra fitting. Treat her to a proper lingerie fitting with a trained corsetiere or ‘braologist’. 80% of us are wearing the wrong bra size and it’s important to get your breasts measured regularly as breast size can fluctuate. An ill-fitting bra will give you back ache and poor posture. She’ll learn about the history of the bra, the anatomy of the breast, and which lingerie styles suit her shape. Braologists use special tape measures so this really isn’t something you can do yourself at home. Fayreform Lingerie, Tel. 0207 478 0208.

5. A Boudoir Photoshoot With Venus Images
Suzanne Grala is a professional photographer who specialises in boudoir portraiture for women. She has a passion for creativity, sensuality and laughter and prefers to shoot on location using natural light. Treat her to a set of intimate pictures. For an artist profile see The Saatchi Gallery and Venus Images. Suzi won The Erotic Review’s Photographer of the Year Award, 2009.

6. A Coco de Mer Educational Sex Salon
Coco de Mer’s Salon season kicks off this month (the site is down this evening with last minute V-day shopping, I imagine). The Salon concept dates back to the 18C when Grandes Dames entertained in their homes, and it’s been updated to bring us modern lessons in love and the art of sexual pleasure in a sensual and relaxed environment. Topics include “Mistress in the Bedroom”, “Sex Secrets, Tools & Tricks”, “A Beginner’s Guide to Erotic Spanking”, “Jade Love Egg Practice”, “Sexy Mums”, and “Playtime For Couples”. You can also book a bespoke private Salon for the two of you if there’s something specific you both want to learn. From £69.00, Coco de Mer.

7. A Subscription to The Erotic Review
Treat her to an online subscription to The Erotic Review. The magazine takes a literary approach to sexuality and will stimulate your biggest sex organ – the brain. You’ll find feature articles; fiction, photography, portfolios, blogs and reviews, and can access an archive of back issues from when it was sold in print format. Sex for the connoisseur. £25.00 for 12 issues, or £9.99 for a trial subscription (3 issues).

Lelo Flickering Touch Massage Oils
I had a play with these exquisite massage oils last week at She Said Erotic Boutique. It’s the sexiest massage oil I’ve ever encountered. Made from vitamin E, apricot kernel, grapeseed, jojoba oils, and perfume, it contains 24-Karat gold flakes to give you a sexy shimmer.  Choose from three yummy fragrances – balsam fir and bergamot, fresh lily and musk, and spicy clove and amber.

9. Conscious Chocolate – Love Potion (with Maca and Rose Oil)
I found this divine raw chocolate in my local health food shop last week. It contains Maca, a Peruvian aphrodisiac, and essential oil of Rose (it’s a superior version of Turkish Delight and tastes much nicer). A couple of squares first thing in the morning give you a serious energy boost…Conscious Chocolate; contact Emma Jackman on 01892 852600.

10. Risky or Frisky Adult Board Game
Risky or Frisky is an adult board game for couples or very good friends. The aim is to own the most successful adult business and you do this by building up a portfolio and eliminating the competition. You start with 30,000 Naughty Notes and work your way around the board completing sexy tasks, answering adult questions, and trying to pass Risky or Frisky spaces without losing money or clothes. Sexy and intimate fun for those cold and wet Sunday afternoons…

Happy Valentine’s Day.

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